Create your own prehistoric creature

14 06 2017

BBB has asked me if you could use all you have learned about dinosaurs (and the other creatures that lived at the same time as them) to create and describe you own!

Remember to include as much detail about your creature as you can – and give it a name – not Billy – a creature name like Stegosaurus or Alligator.


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18 responses to “Create your own prehistoric creature”

    14 06 2017
      Sefrat & Owais (13:58:42) :     Reply

    My Dinosaur is a speasies of the seratops family It has a thrill wich is 100mm and has 18 spikes on Thrill on it nose there is a Really sharp horn the whole dinosaur is 10,938cm long.

    14 06 2017
      Sefrat & Owais (14:09:53) :     Reply

    my Dinosaur has a long neck and eats small bugs . he is 60 – 80 millions years old and he is50 KPH only if a T-REX chased him.

    14 06 2017
      Antonina & Amirah (14:15:37) :     Reply

    Name Growlasorise
    gender female
    My animal is a teradactall and it lase eggs and when the baby’s are hatched they don’t have there wings and they grow there wings when they grow up , the Growlasorise colour for a female is dark purple and for a male its dark green , and they will not die because there othere body gose to a safer place and there going to be alive again there . Even there length is 100 inches .Undernieth the wings there are spilinters and there soposed to be there , and they live in Madagascar in the mountain in a cave that was never discovered before.

    14 06 2017
      Owais & sefrat (14:21:36) :     Reply

    My Dinosaur lives in the water and has sharp teeth and is half of a Jatom. He is 280 millions old.

    14 06 2017
      Borys and Sufian (14:25:33) :     Reply

    flying shark use they fins to fly and they have eye’s as lasers. wen they swipe with there tails there tails tarn gold and if you touch there tails you tarn to solid gold. is 50m long.

    14 06 2017
      Owais & sefrat (14:27:32) :     Reply

    my Dinosaur name is faulaseratops It was the first dinosaur to attack a Maxasauras it has 4 horns on top of his head and it the only seratops to have 23 horns on its head

    14 06 2017
      David and Michael (14:30:57) :     Reply

    Me and David agreed vontosaurs was a good name for a dinosaurs it lived in a cave and it 2 meters high and eat meat.

    14 06 2017
      ryan nicola (14:36:58) :     Reply

    I eat fish which is very nice so l can live because it gives me lots of protein when l need to get more fish. lam blue and some times we are black and white. lam very scary more scary then a Lion . Do you no who I am l am a shark.IT was 50 inches which is very big for a shark.

    14 06 2017
      Owais & sefrat (14:44:08) :     Reply

    My dinosaur only eats fish and died the age of 21. he has 29 horns on his back and found a T-REX which was dead.

    14 06 2017
      Jacob (14:46:09) :     Reply

    My dinosaur is called a Trex. He is a size of a dog and he has claws that are 2cm long. He lives in France. He eats other animals and if he can’t catch them he’ll hide then jump on his prey. It has 2 legs and 2 arms. He is blue.

    14 06 2017
      Sinju (14:46:25) :     Reply

    My dinosaur’s name is Glaxay .
    Glaxay is a dinosaur that eats meat.
    .Glaxay walks in 4 feets.
    .Glaxay has a huge tail.
    .Glaxay has big sharp teeth.
    .Glaxay has a posine’s veneam in his tail.
    .Glaxay has very sensitive smell.
    Glaxay is very,very slimey.
    Glaxay is big as the Ifaul tower in France.
    Glaxay is the colour of Dark,dark,dark blue colour.
    Glaxay has very,very,very,very sharp scale’s in her back.
    Glaxay has big,big,big feet.

    14 06 2017
      Prachi & Farah (14:46:41) :     Reply

    IT’s purple ,blue ,dark blue and black. She lives in icy mania.And it eats ice and drinks water.But her enemany is T REX.

    14 06 2017
      Borys and Sufian (14:46:59) :     Reply

    steel t-Rex wen is night time he glows red and looks like moton lava. he can trancfrom to any dinosar in the word and he has 4 eye and live’s on the laggaest
    montin ever and he can come back with a cloud. he can jamp a 110m.

    14 06 2017
      sammad and samir (14:47:31) :     Reply

    my dragon is called galaxy he has black skin colour and sharp claws he is 1meter long 6 inches wide . he can fly and run and is a carnivore.

    14 06 2017
      Tvisha&Amina (14:47:56) :     Reply

    His name is Tradacto. It can fly and has spiky claws. It ‘s claws are 5cm big and it’s beak is sharp. It can hurt humans. It eats plants and carrot . It lays eggs and lives in a tree in a hole . Its colour is grey and a bit of black. Its teeth are 6cm long and he looks a bit slimy. He has lots of feathers. It has two legs and two wings. It sounds like quack.

    14 06 2017
      Amirah&Antonina (14:49:34) :     Reply

    Name: Emparasoriserex
    Gender: female
    My animal is a Trex but its named Emparasoriserex and it is 9 billion inches, and its kind hearted trex even its a vegetarian . it only lives in America , it dosent crush anything because its really careful, and its nails are as bright as a clean and clear white as a star it never gets dirty because when its dirty it sucks all all of the dirtyness in the body then it makes invisibale food for the bugs to share every day . its colour is a really beuatiful pinkish redish colour.

    14 06 2017
      isabelli and nancy (14:50:04) :     Reply

    lizard leays eggs they eat meet they hind from amnimals and this type of poisonous lizard looks cute buteit is dayeres and the colour of this creature is yellow , blue ,orange and green.even if they are tiny they bite hardly.

    14 06 2017
      Mysha&carla (14:50:28) :     Reply

    This type of alligator is called the deer eating monster. It lives in brazil in a long stream ,it eats meat like deer . it is dark lays eggs witch have baby alligators that are 10cm.`the mummy alligator is light beware.

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